Cablevision sucks


Posted by Wendy | Posted in Me | Posted on 19-12-2011


If you live in NJ then you know that you don’t really have a choice when it comes to cable providers. If you’re in Morris County, you’re stuck with Cablevision. If you’re in Ocean County, you’re stuck with Comcast. Either way it sucks to be held hostage by the cable monopolies.

Tonight I’ve been held hostage for 30 minutes attempting to report a service problem. The story really begins two nights ago when I was reporting another outage on two different channels. Two nights ago, after navigating a complex maze of menu prompts and getting a live customer service representative, I asked if there was an easier way to report an outage. Nope! I was told I have to go through this maze each time. Seeing as I haven’t had to do it that often over the past year, I accepted this answer calmly.

Until tonight…

when I had to call again to report an outage and was hung up on twice! I used two different phones to report the outage only to be hung up on both times. Supposedly they couldn’t hear me. Want to know the kicker? The second time I called, albeit slightly annoyed but mildly accepting my cell phone had poor reception, I was calling from the landline, you know the phone that is connected to their service. Seriously you’re telling me Cherelle couldn’t hear me from my landline, the phone that is connected to your service? You’re telling me that your phone service does not provide enough reception for me to report a cable outage?