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I read this in the July issue of Real Simple.

Jeremy produces big events for big companies and explained that, in the world of event planning, there are basically three qualities: good, fast and cheap. When producing an event, you can guarantee clients that they will get two of those things. But they cannot have all three. And the two that they choose always eliminates the third.

The editor goes on to say that she has decided that this applies to nearly everything she might make or do in her life. Well, I agree! I learned this lesson while being an engineer. I worked to develop new candy for people to enjoy. Of course, the company (i.e. my client) always wanted a high quality product (good) at the highest efficiency possible (fast & cheap). Actually, a veteran engineer explained it as a triangle with quality, price and speed being the three points. The triangle always existed with three points just with different proportions. You could never have an equilateral triangle, it would always be isoceles.

I think that’s true of most things in life. We can never have it all…we will never have it all figured out. The triangle and our limitations exist.

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