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Any time the church, Christians or Jesus followers leverages anything other than love we go backwards not forwards. Because Jesus said by this one thing all men will know that you’re my followers – how you love one another. And once the church got the power, they decided we’re not going to leverage love any more. We’ll leverage some other things. And so after the church got in control, The Great Commission began to sound more like this — “Therefore go and impose my teaching, values and world views on all nations threatening them with judgement and destruction if they don’t obey everything I commanded you.” That’s the message of a group that has the power, that is in control NOT the message of Jesus neither was it the message of the New Testament.

You don’t win peoples hearts by imposing your will. Somewhere along the way they (the church) decided we’re not going to leverage love any more. We’re going to leverage our power, our authority. We’re going to go from winning to threatening, from God is love to God will get you. And whenever the church, Christians or believers leverage anything other than the love of God, we go backwards every time.

I’m convinced because we’ve gotten this wrong, we’ve set ourselves unnecessarily at odds with culture.

~Excerpt from Andy Stanley’s Christian: Insiders Outsiders.

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