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Posted by Wendy | Posted in quotes | Posted on 24-07-2009


“You can never be too thin or too blonde.”
~Michelle, my stylist

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I disagree with both. There is, I believe, a subculture of men out here who actually look for substance. Black eyebrows and roots with a blond head tell something to this subculture about the values of the beholder of said hair. Of course, blond hair catches the eye, but I think there is such a thing as too blonde. Same can be said about thin. Hugging bones doesn’t feel very good. But hey, I’m out of the market, so what do I know?

Oh bother, I broke my rule that blog comments should never exceed the length of the blog entry. Sorry. :-)

I appreciate the comment no matter what the length!

I agree with you, Rus. I just thought it was funny when my stylist said it. I suppose the background would help: I was wondering whether or not to get highlights and, if so, how much. That’s when she told me I couldn’t be too blonde. This coming from a woman who is a platinum blonde :)

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